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Since 2020, Impact Capital Asset Management Pte. Ltd. (ICAM) has been focussed on providing prudent financial leadership. We believe firmly that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet—it’s a smart investment strategy. At ICAM, there is a clear focus on safeguarding capital and achieving superior returns, all while championing planetary well-being, with a special focus on addressing Climate Change.

Welcome to Impact Capital Asset Management.

Impact Capital Asset Management Pte. Ltd. (ICAM) is a Capital Markets Service license holder for fund management, issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  In the complex world of finance, ICAM stands out for its unwavering values and dedication. Our approach is not only based on wealth management acumen but also on principles that keep us grounded namely 
Integrity: This principle stands central to our operations. We commit to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct. Through open and transparent communication, we ensure that our clients always have a clear understanding of our actions.
Alignment: We believe that our success is tied directly to the success of our clients. By aligning our objectives, we tailor our strategies to meet each and every client’s unique financial needs and goals. This mutual alignment deepens trust and fosters a collaborative partnership.
Innovation: In the dynamic world of finance, adaptability is key. We continuously seek out innovative solutions and strategies. By embracing change and harnessing the latest tools and techniques, we aim to keep you ahead of the curve in financial opportunities.
Regulatory Compliance: We adhere strictly to all relevant regulations. This commitment not only guarantees that we manage your assets within a secure framework but also safeguards your interests, promoting lasting stability and trust.

Our Services

Central to ICAM’s foundation is a commitment to offering a platform singularly dedicated to the best interests of its investor clients. The combined expertise of Deepak and Atul firmly establishes ICAM as a notable entity in the wealth management field.


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Core Principles of Our Financial Philosophy

With Impact Capital Asset Management, we embrace each challenge, seek out deep value, and turn complexities into straightforward solutions. Let’s navigate the financial landscape together, guided by our core values and your aspirations.

Meet the Team that Turns Vision into Value.

With a 28-year career in financial services, Deepak is a seasoned investor and a dedicated climate change advocate, holding an INSEAD MBA.

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With 26 years in fund management and equity research, he has spearheaded prominent wealth funds & is an alumnus of Mumbai University and IIT BHU.

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Vestergaard Sørensen
Head of Investor relationship
ICAM partner Mads combines a rich history in asset transactions and energy with a passion for African renewable initiatives, backed by an INSEAD MBA.

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ICAM's research head, Siva, leverages experience in private banking and a Masters in Economics from Singapore Management University, coupled with a CFA charter.

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Wei Tan
Kian, a University of Manchester graduate with a focus on climate finance, brings 3 years of wealth management experience and a level 1 CFA to his research role.

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Head of Compliance & Accounts
Himanshu brings over 32 years of expertise to the table, covering a range of financial aspects including audits, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

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